TOP 5 The Dirtiest Attractions Of The World

3. Tomb of Oscar Wilde (Paris, France)


Oscar Wilde joked: “All can be gone through, but death.” However, the brilliant irish writer managed to win a death. Memory about him lives to this day, and thousands of concerned admirers of his talent come to his grave. He was buried in Paris on Père Lachaise Cemetery. A huge monument in the form of a winged sphinx on his grave , decorated with many … kisses. It is a “mecca” for book lovers and admirers of the writer. To express their love and respect, they touch the monument with their lips, leaving on the tombstone multiple lipstick prints.
The authorities approved a fine of 9,000 euros ($ 12,000) for the improper attitude to the memorial, but loving tourists often manages to escape “from the scene” before the police arrived. In 2011, on the occasion of the 111th anniversary of Oscar Wilde’s death, Parisian authorities decided to build a glass fence around the monument. From now on, fans are leaving traces on the glass, throwing flowers and notes over the fence.