TOP 5 The Dirtiest Attractions Of The World

2. St. Mark’s Square (Venice, Italy)


When you will choose the best option of hotels in Venice, you have to check out maybe this place of interest is somewhere nearby. Extremely beautiful St. Mark’s Square in Venice has a “reverse side”: hundreds of hungry pigeons, that are flying over the heads of tourists. Although the practice of selling food for birds was finished a few years ago, the probability of being “attacked” and “labeled”  by birds is very high. Some tourists evince a desire to feed them or hold them on their hands, forgetting a few important points:
1) pigeons are leaving their “souvenirs” on clothing or body without warning;
2) there is a ban on feeding pigeons  in Venice, which is provided to fairly substantial fines  for its  failure. This rule is to protect the city memorials from  pigeon droppings.