TOP 5 Amazing Fruit Festivals From Around The World

Marino Grape Festival, Italy


If you choose to travel to Italy, try to get to the festival, dedicated to the harvest of grapes which is held in Marino. Marino Grape Festival is the famous autumn festival in Italy. It is bright and full of ancient traditions of the holiday, one of the oldest of these harvest festivals in the country, combined with a tasting of local wines and the best varieties grapes.
By tradition, the festival is held annually since 1925 at the first Sunday of October. Every year to celebrate the harvesting, people prepare 3000 liters of local white wine, made of 150 tons of grapes.
Grape festival has a religious basis. On the first Sunday in October, the Catholic Church celebrates the day of the Madonna del Rosario.
During holidays, the city is decorated with images of vines, lanterns, flowers and ribbons. Historical parades and costumed processions are taking place through the main streets of the city. Italians decorate with grapes statues of the town, because they believe that if you feed sculptures with grapes, prosperity and happiness will reign in the house all year round.
The highlight of the festival’s performance is switching on the Fountain of the Four Moors. It’s full of wine instead of water this day.