TOP 5 Amazing Fruit Festivals From Around The World

Mango festival, India


Mango is a national fruit of India. This king of Indian fruits is popular and loved, not only for the fragrant aroma, but also due to the fact that the leaves of mango, posted in front of the house, confer health and prosperity. India grows over 550 varieties of mangoes, and the annual harvest is about 9.5 million tons of  wonderful fruit.
In the first half of July, in the midst of collecting mangoes, in New Delhi, a festival of this amazing fruit begins. Mango International Festival in New Delhi is organized by the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation, in coordination with other organizations in the popular Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi.
At the festival in New Delhi, farmers come from many states of India to exchange experiences. They bring with them a variety of mango in sizes, colours and shapes. The result is a fantastic exhibition of yellow, green and reddish fruits from small to large. A variety of flavors surprises visitors too: sour-sweet and sugary, solid and literally melting in your mouth. More than 50 manufacturers present their fruit here. It is also a great opportunity to show their products to local juice factories and canneries.
There is a huge amount of mangoes from different states of India here. Such mango varieties as Langda, Dasheri, Alphons, Fasli, Bombay Green, Sindheri, Chausa attract many visitors to the festival from all states of India.
Some people carry out a tasting of mango (and, as a rule, all tastings are free), others enjoy dancing and singing, praising the fruit. You can also see folk groups who dedicate their art to a favorite fruit of India. One of the main components of the festival is a competition where everyone can compete in a mango eating race. And, of course, people sell different varieties of mangoes at the lowest prices.
You can also enjoy the best Indian chef dishes at the festival. They know how to  make a real culinary masterpiece from mango. In fact, it is very strange to observe that fruits in India  can be fried, boiled, etc. Typically, most of them are eaten raw here.