TOP 5 Amazing Fruit Festivals From Around The World

Pineapple festival, Thailand


June in Thailand is the beginning of fruit season. At this time, dozens of delicious fruits become ripe, and the inhabitants of the country, grateful for the harvest, organize numerous festivals.
The first one is the pineapple festival, held in Lampang Province on June 2. This tradition has been around for several decades, but every year the Thais spend three days of the festival with the same joy. There are about 80 varieties of these healthy fruits in this country.
The festival begins with pineapple agricultural fair. Transactions between producers and processors of fruit take place here, there is an exchange of experiences on successful harvests. Also, there is sort of “fruit exhibition”, where in addition to pineapple and dishes with them, also various other vegetables, fruits, sweets and souvenirs are available.
The Fair is opened with colourful show, during which the streets are flooded with numerous fruit carts, decorated with flowers and bright ribbons, as well as hundreds of dancing and singing people. By the way, all the festival people in this province organize numerous competitions, including sports, games, music etc. Prizes are usually pineapples and small amounts of money.
One more outstanding event takes place on the third day of the festival hereĀ  – the choice of Miss Pineapple of the year. It doesn’t mean that she should look like the symbol of the holiday or to wear a pineapple suit. Everything looks like a regular beauty contest in which young Thais competing in charm and talent. After results are done, people are choosing one winner that closes the festival and remains the owner of the honorary title until next June.