TOP 5 Amazing Fruit Festivals From Around The World

Menton Lemon Festival, France


Fоr more than 80 years in the town of Menton, which is situated in the south of France an unusual holiday takes place – the Day of lemons in Menton. This festival has a rich history. Lemon is a symbol of Menton. The city legend says, that the city grew on the spot where Eve buried a lemon in the garden of Eden. Lemon from Menton surely is the king of  lemons: the warm climate of the French Riviera makes it possible to grow them year-round. The unique climate here will allow to harvest three crops per year. The biggest harvest is in March-April. The festival was conceived as a preparation for the richest harvest season in Menton.
It takes place every year in late February – early March and lasts just over two weeks.
About 130 tons of delicious citrus fruits are used for the preparation of this holiday. Citrus fruits are used for decoration of streets, houses and trees: a variety of figures from lemons, castles from lemons and oranges, cartoon characters, garlands with  lemons, tuples of yellow fruit, etc. The whole city is transformed during the holiday. You can see the clowns, dancers, circus performers and artists. Music is played everywhere and does not cease even at night.
Festival of lemons in France is a great event, along with the carnival in Nice, it is visited annually by thousands of tourists.